North American Pairs (NAP)

NAP is an ACBL-wide grassroots competition that is held each year to encourage all members – from non-Life Masters through to top players – to compete for significant masterpoints and the possibility of a North-American bridge title. This highly prestigious tournament begins with qualification sessions in bridge clubs (June through August), continues with the District Final in the fall, and ends with the ACBL final at the Spring NABC.

There are three sections. In the District Final and ACBL Final, the sections are separate – you will only play against players in the same level. A : Open B : 0-2500 masterpoints C : 0-500 NLM. Many qualifying sessions are held in participating clubs. Check with your club for the dates they have selected or ask them to hold NAP qualifying games if none are scheduled.

District 1 runs a split NAP final: one for the Western part of the district and one for the Eastern part of the district. See below for the locations and dates.

Players must have qualified at the club level in order to play at the district final. The two players of the pair need not have qualified together. All players must be ACBL members in good standing at the time of play in the final. Each final will hold games for 3 flights. You will only play against players in the same level. Sections you are eligible for are based on masterpoints shown in the June Bridge Bulletin. Pairs may play in their own category or in a higher one. “B” players qualified in section “A” can play in sections “A” or “B”. “C” players qualified in sections “A” or “B” can play in sections “A” or “B” or “C”.

The top pairs in each section will be offered the possibility to represent the District 1 at the ACBL finals: 3 pairs in A, 4 pairs in B and C. If the top pairs do not wish to go to the ACBL finals, the offer will be made to the following pairs. District finals award masterpoints at a regional tournament level – part Red and part Gold. Subsidies might be available for certain players advancing to the ACBL finals – a combination of subsidies from District 1 and the ACBL. Some units also provide additional subsidies to advancing players from the unit; please contact the unit or district coordinator listed below for more information.

WESTERN portion for the qualified players of the following units:

    • Montréal (151),
    • Eastern Ontario and Outaouais (192),
    • Québec (152),
    • Saguenay (199).

Saturday October 6th, 2019 at Club de bridge Le Mirage. 2 sessions starting at 10:30 am; lunch break between the two sessions. Entry fee to be confirmed. (9001 boul. de l’Acadie Montréal, or

Results for Western portion =

NAP A West Final
5.5 Tables / Based on 10 Tables

Rank Names Score
Andre Houde, Laval QC; Robert Guerard, Brossard QC 120.94
David Willis, Ottawa ON; Jeffrey Blond, Brossard QC 119.26
Marc Lachapelle, Saint-Laurent QC; Xavier Combey, Dol-Des-Ormeaux QC 115.88
Maryse Hambrick – Sarko Kassabian, Saint-Laurent QC 112.50

NAP B West Final
9.5 Tables

Rank Names Score
Bala Srinivasan, Pierrefonds QC; A Misra, Brossard QC 271.32
Ying Hu – Xiangxiu Yang, Ile-Perrot QC 247.09
J-Francois Guillemette – Jean Bellemarre, Montreal QC 246.78
Alain Bonnin, Outremont QC; Johanne Sevigny, Bromont QC 227.39
Jo-Anne Wijns – Larry Malone, Mont-St-Hilaire QC 223.84
Linda Martin, St Jerome QC; Josee Roberge, Ste-Ag-D-Mts QC 219.40

NAP C West Final
4.5 Tables

Rank Names Score
Yunfeng Shao, Ottawa ON; Yongjun Lu, Nepean ON 73.17
Mark Lacroix, Nepean ON; Suzanne Maurice, Gloucester ON 66.43
Pierre Lemire, Saint-Sauveur QC; Michel Vigeant, Saint-Jerome QC 61.50
Martin Forget – Myriam Serrurier, Saint-Eustache QC 61.33

EASTERN portion for the qualified players of the 2 Maritime units:

  • New-Brunswick and Prince Edward-Island (230),
  • Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (194).

Section A – Saturday October 26th– 10:00 am & TBA, at The Moncton Duplicate Bridge Club (720 Coverdale Rd Riverview, 506-874-0623)

Section B – Saturday November 2nd , 2019 10:00 am & TBA, at Halifax Bridge World (7071 Bayers Rd Halifax, 902-454-4098)

Section C/NLM – Sunday October 27th– 10:00am & TBA, at The Moncton Duplicate Bridge Club (720 Coverdale Rd Riverview, 506-874-0623)

ACBL NAP Finals Will be held at the Columbus NABC in March 2020 – Dates to be confirmed.

See the document «Qualification to the National NAP Finals» (in English only) for detailed information on the selection of the pairs to represent District 1, and subsidies from the ACBL.

Contacts =

  • Unit 192 – Alison Burkett –
  • Unit 194 – Kathy Macnab –
  • Unit 230 – Bruce Perry –
  • Unit 151 – Jean La Traverse –
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