Grand National Teams

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GNT is a team competition that takes place during the summer NABC where teams representing the 25 districts of the ACBL meet.   To qualify, a team must win the District GNT contest for their flights. 

In 2022, the District 1 Finals will be held Online (on BBO). This prestigious event will select the TEAM from District 1 to play in the NATIONAL FINALS Providence, Rhode Island, July 13-17, 2022.

No club qualification required. All players must be ACBL members in good standing. Point limits counted at September 2021.

Dates and Masterpoints
Winning teams can earn a large number of points, and points are also awarded to a number of following teams.  

Championship Flight May 7-8 Open, 38,4 GOLD **
Flight A May 14-15 Under 6000 MP, 32 GOLD **
Flight B May 7-8 Under 2500 MP, 18/26 *** GOLD **
Flight C May 14-15 Non-Life Masters Under 500 MP,
12/16 ** Gold *** 50% GOLD/RED **

** To the winning team, if the event has 5+ teams; reduced if fewer teams,
*** Lower value for 1 day event, higher value for 2 days event.

Pre-registration required: no later than midnight – Sunday before event. Contact GNT Coordinator, Gerardo Malazdrewicz: or phone 902-414-5995 (email strongly preferred)

80$/team, Interac Transfers to be sent to Eastern Canadian Bridge Conference at (Jean La Traverse, District 1 Treasurer). Be sure to mention Team Captain name in notes.

Conditions of Contest: on the ACBL website.

Director un Charge: Trisha Malazdrewicz – ou téléphone 902-414-9963

GNT Coordinator: Gerardo Malazdrewicz –
GNT Liaison: Robert Guérard –
District President: Robert Williams –

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