George Retek Award: Presented to an individual who has given a great deal of excellent volunteer service to our District and Units.
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Cukoff-Latraverse-Wiser (CLW) Award
Named after outstanding deceased National Tournament Directors from District 1, this award recognizes excellent life time service to directors and promoters of ethics in bridge.
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Winners of the George Retek and
Cukoff-LaTraverse-Wiser Trophies

  George Retek Trophy Cukoff-LaTraverse-Wiser
2021 Nicole Hardy Trisha Maladrewicz
2020 Patti McCabe George Retek
2019 Laurier Girard Sylvain Descôteaux
2018 Peter Clark Jean Claude Boudreault
2017 Rollande Makarewicz Gus Duchesne
2016 Mike Hartop Karl Hicks
2015 Bryan Rapson Stan Tench
2014 Jean Castonguay  
2013 Heather Peckett  

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