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ACBL District 1 Support for the

2018 Canadian Womens Team Championships (CWTCs)

The 2018 CWTCs are taking place in Montreal from May 26-May 30th . District 1 wants to help women enter this exciting event by providing some financial support. For every participating team from the District, it will pay 1/2 the initial entry fee of $360. Fees for the playoff rounds will not be supported.

To qualify for support, each player must be a member of District 1. If there are any player additions or substitutions, to qualify for support, these new players must also be from District 1. Payment will be made to each team after playing in the CWTCs.

All women are encouraged to participate,as this event will give wonderful experience playing in great competition. Teams compete in a round robin event for two days, followed by three days of playoffs for qualifying teams.

Playing in this event is something that each woman should do. Get three of your friends and submit your application. As in each competition, there will be only one official winner. However, each team in the CWTCs is a winner. Each player improves her skills while at the same time meets new players who often become friends and sometimes teammates in the future.

This year is also a special year (every 4 years) in which your team can also enter Womens Team Events at the World Championships being held in Orlando, Florida between September 21 and October 6, 2018. Experience gained in Montreal will make your team more competitive if you decide to enter.

Ask your Unit President for help in forming a team.

To get complete information on this event, go to CBF.ca.  Your team application must be submitted by March 11, 2018.  You must also submit your request for support by March 11, 2018.  Your request, which must include the names and home city/town of each player, should be sent to Heather Peckett, District 1 Secretary at bridgecat@rogers.com.


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