Welcome to the ACBL District 1 website.

Bonjour.  Pour voir les iinformations du site en français, cliquez sur le bouton orange, en bas à gauche, et ensuite sur le drapeau français.

Most of the information on the website has been updated.  If you have new information to add to the site, please send it to  district1acbl@gmail.com.

The 2021 NAP finals were played online. Here are the highlights for pairs from District 1 that ranked overall in their respective flights, some fantastic results:

Flight A
9th Overall
Marc Lachapelle, Saint-Laurent QC
Xavier Combey, Dol-Des-Ormeaux QC

Flight B
2nd overall
Matthew Morse, Kentville NS
Howard Huynh, Gatineau QC

5th overall
J-Francois Guillemette, Montreal QC
Jean Bellemarre, Montreal QC

Flight C
8th overall
Yungfeng Shao, Ottawa ON
Yongjun Lu, Nepean ON

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